Friday, September 26, 2008

Working + Debate.

So, I've been a little absent, and I apologize. 

Very, very good news: I picked up a very short freelance job that will pay my rent for the month of October, which is a pretty huge thing in my life. I have also started opening up some fairly healthy dialogue with a few companies that are looking for freelancers, so with any luck, maybe I'll never have to put on pants or leave my apartment, ever. I'm loving the work I'm doing right now, even though it's a small job and it's pretty simple. I'm doing motion graphics and getting paid for it, and that's the whole reason I moved out here. 

In addition to paying my rent, it will also be paying for my beer for at least a couple of weeks, at the rate/bars I've been drinking at. ($5 pitchers of PBR at Make Out Room? I know it makes me sound super hipster, but if The Roommate and I can get drinks for $1.25 each, I really don't give a good damn. And I feel way better about the $4 Anchor Steam we order after that pitcher.) And speaking of beer, go to a bar tonight and watch the presidential debate. 

Really, just watch the presidential debate. But I don't own a television, and I'm sure many of you are the same way. It's foreign policy tonight, kids, so let's fire up the McCain drinking game and see who at least talks like they've got the most experience.

SFist has a list of places that will be showing it. I'd like to hit the 2 Lips showing, but have little desire to get on a bus, and I'm still all slung up from this stupid collar bone thing. Instead, I'll be at 500 Club, and a recent text message confirms that The Roommate will be meeting me there. So if you're in the mission, swing by! And if you see a redhead in glasses, launching back the cheapest beer they've got and wearing a sling, there's a chance it's me, so come say hi. I still know enough people in this city that I don't need to use my second, broken hand to count them. Come make friends!


troymccluresf said...

Instead, I'll be at 500 Club
Me too!

Also, I don't trust 2 Lips. No place should have that many energy drinks with alcohol already in them. It's just wrong.

New to the Bay said...

Oh, sick. I won't pretend I haven't thrown back a Sparks or two in my life, but I'm not proud of it. And I'm confident I've never done it in a bar. I've never been to 2 Lips - it just sounded the most appealing out of the list. Not going to lie - $2 beer is a fairly fast way to this girl's heart.

If you see me, come say hi! I'll get to thank you for the tips you've given me so far. :)

troymccluresf said...

Have you been to 500 before? Really great place.

2 Lips did just get a makeover and I must say it's actually pretty nice in there, but Civic Center tweakers are a lot creepier than Mission tweakers.

New to the Bay said...

Nope, haven't been to 500. We walked by it a week or two ago on our way from the park to Kilowatt and I remember mentioning that we should stop in some time, but we haven't quite gotten to it. I'm excited to stop in.

It's probably weird that I haven't been anywhere outside of the Mission, but hell, I just can't find a fantastic reason to yet. There are a whole lot of bars yet to conquer in my neighborhood. And I'm moving a whopping three blocks south in a few days, which opens up a whole new area to me. Slightly pathetic. I'm sure I'll have time to learn about Civic Center tweakers someday.